It’s hardly a secret that most men are interested in a threesome. It’s such a common fantasy that the idea is almost a cliche on TV and in the movies. The desire is so common and relatable to most people that it’s usually a given that men are interested in the experience. But there’s an unspoken assumption which goes with it. And it’s one of the areas of life which can be somewhat harmed by fiction.

The fictional narrative usually involves a man needing to beg and plead his way into the threesome. It’s an idea that fiction portrays women as tolerating rather than anticipating. The end effect is that men tend to remain silent about it because they don’t want to upset wives and girlfriends. And in staying silent they never have a chance to learn about something which might surprise them. One of the most common fantasies among women is a brief fling with another woman.

Of course there are some real issues involved with trying to make that fantasy a reality. Part of it comes with concerns over their partner’s attention. Most women love the idea of a brief but wonderful encounter. But they want it to be compartmentalized. It has to be something that she and her boyfriend or husband enjoy together. It can’t be something where he might even continually compare her to the new partner as time goes on. All of these factors keep most women from ever bringing the topic up. And of course men don’t because of cultural assumptions regarding it being something only men are interested in.

For most people the narrative ends right there. It’s something men and women will consider every now and then before letting out a wistful sigh. But the lack of communication and options usually keeps things from moving forward. But all of that changes once Vegas enters the picture. People often learn about runway escorts for the first time when they go to Vegas. And this isn’t something that only happens to people traveling alone. Couples are often surprised to learn about runway escorts. And this begins a discussion that can have some amazing results.

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The escorts will typically feature quite a bit of information about themselves right from the start. They’re well aware of the fact that working with a couple is a different experience than a one on one encounter.

The conversation is happening more and more often as well. Not too long ago it was still somewhat obscure. But these days one might even see a link staying Couple friendly Escorts- find them here. And those links are exaggerating either. When someone clicks the Couple friendly Escorts- find them here link they’re presented with a huge amount of information about the escorts.

It can almost seem like a dating site of sorts. But it’s a stress free type of dating where one can always be sure of the outcome. And this is another part of the experience that both partners enjoy. Knowing what to expect right from the start can ease a woman’s concerns. There’s no romantic concerns to worry about, for example. And men will often be happy to know that the escorts have shared interests and concerns. It’s not even uncommon for it all to start off with a nice meal or the like where everyone can talk a bit.

The lack of stress is something that most people don’t think about at first. But it usually ends up as one of the best parts of the experience. Normal dating is a mix of excitement and fear that one encounters alone. But an escort encounter for couples is pure excitement that’s shared with the most important person in one’s life.

The bonding experience is another facet which is making it so popular. When couples come back from Vegas closer than ever friends will often be curious. And the answer to how it happened will usually leave them planning a trip as well.