Is Music Dead?

Music [myoo-zik] noun
A sound heard through vibrations and rhythm creating a emotion to the viewer.

Yes, music is basically vibrations or sounds that can be heard through a frequency we humans hear.Its sounds bouncing off every surface into your ears,Though through listening music it enhances our mood,Music is essentially the best companion during the moments you want to express yourself in a different way.It helps us relieve us of the problems we are facing for a brief period of time,yet it is the best moment we cherish since we are free for a brief moment.In other words it can be a pile of lost feelings put together to create a lifetime of memories you have buried within your subconscious.
But,music was a huge thing back in the days and when i mean days i mean the dark age where music was a form of art rather than entertainment nowadays.Still the way music has evolved from being an art to entertainment shows, that it is staying here for the rest of earth’s life. When you listen to music do you actually hear it?Are you intently listening to the words and getting the message from it?Music back in the day was composed of concerts composed of piano violin,church music,operas,and carols.We had famous musicians compose songs that to this day are listened to, Beethoven,Mozart,and bach. Then during the 80’s and 90’s we got Louise armstrong who started the wonderful genre of jazz (my favorite genre) Elvis,jimi Hendrix, madonna,bob,MJ who make music of rock and rap,David Bowie,Richards,Kurt cobain and much more artists making history in music.Though these artists efforts they composed the music in a staggering way leaving a mark on their genre and giving everyone the best experience of music either in person or through their album.Music has become apart of our society as a whole, we use music everyday believe it or not, in car rides, elevator music,being put on hold on the phone with customer service,going to stores and hearing music played in the speakers above and just listening to it wherever you are.For some music is a stress reliever it’s a way for people to say things when they cannot find the words to say them out loud in a crowd or to the friends and family.
What i mean is that music is not dead, it is still going to stick around just like that friend who you love to hang out or a lover you loved since middle school.Also music is kinda like life in a weird way , it’s unpredictable it can make you surprised and confusing,it takes you to a whole different kind of world and also emotion and intimacy.I am deeply in love with music, it is something i can not live without,i love listening to all the genres even the most obscure ones because to me what makes a song beautiful to me is the emotion ,and how the instruments orchestrate the way the musician wants it to, by trying to invoke a strong emotion to you the listener.The way music can make you feel certain emotions is a feeling you cannot explain, you have songs that make you feel nostalgic about your childhood or your younger days, make you feel empowered like you can do anything your heart desires, cheerful , and even bittersweet sometimes.
Judging from the music today yes, some of it is head scratching since we have some songs about sex,calling women out of their names,getting high,drinking till you black out, and lastly being arrogant.Many people say that the music today is dumb,i sort of agree ,but i see music today as a new genre for the people who like them.
Some of the modern music is beautiful and some are just for you when you feel down,you even find types of music that you never thought could work together such as rap and opera music,rock music with violin and many more.So today’s music has some hidden gems that will be like how our parents remember their favorite music. But overall all music is beautiful in their own ways, and we all have our own personal tastes and likes which is one of the good reasons why music is still around.But without a doubt music is always and will be a powerful tool you will use throughout your lifetime whether it be through your nostalgia, your good times in life ,and your rough times music will be there to help you out with whatever things you are going through.

A New Type of Escort Experience Is Available for Couples

A New Type of Escort Experience Is Available for Couples

It’s hardly a secret that most men are interested in a threesome. It’s such a common fantasy that the idea is almost a cliche on TV and in the movies. The desire is so common and relatable to most people that it’s usually a given that men are interested in the experience. But there’s an unspoken assumption which goes with it. And it’s one of the areas of life which can be somewhat harmed by fiction.

The fictional narrative usually involves a man needing to beg and plead his way into the threesome. It’s an idea that fiction portrays women as tolerating rather than anticipating. The end effect is that men tend to remain silent about it because they don’t want to upset wives and girlfriends. And in staying silent they never have a chance to learn about something which might surprise them. One of the most common fantasies among women is a brief fling with another woman.

Of course there are some real issues involved with trying to make that fantasy a reality. Part of it comes with concerns over their partner’s attention. Most women love the idea of a brief but wonderful encounter. But they want it to be compartmentalized. It has to be something that she and her boyfriend or husband enjoy together. It can’t be something where he might even continually compare her to the new partner as time goes on. All of these factors keep most women from ever bringing the topic up. And of course men don’t because of cultural assumptions regarding it being something only men are interested in.

For most people the narrative ends right there. It’s something men and women will consider every now and then before letting out a wistful sigh. But the lack of communication and options usually keeps things from moving forward. But all of that changes once Vegas enters the picture. People often learn about runway escorts for the first time when they go to Vegas. And this isn’t something that only happens to people traveling alone. Couples are often surprised to learn about runway escorts. And this begins a discussion that can have some amazing results.

Because both men and women alike will quickly realize that escorts are the answer to their desires. But what’s most important is that the topic of escorts will lead into other discussions. It’s at that point where a couple will usually learn about shared desires. And of course this will lead into a serious talk about Las Vegas Escorts for Couples.

As the conversation continues they’ll typically look for more information. And it’s then that it becomes obvious that it’s not just easy to get Las Vegas Escorts for Couples. It’s also a fun bonding experience where people can learn a lot about their partners.

The escorts will typically feature quite a bit of information about themselves right from the start. They’re well aware of the fact that working with a couple is a different experience than a one on one encounter.

The conversation is happening more and more often as well. Not too long ago it was still somewhat obscure. But these days one might even see a link staying Couple friendly Escorts- find them here. And those links are exaggerating either. When someone clicks the Couple friendly Escorts- find them here link they’re presented with a huge amount of information about the escorts.

It can almost seem like a dating site of sorts. But it’s a stress free type of dating where one can always be sure of the outcome. And this is another part of the experience that both partners enjoy. Knowing what to expect right from the start can ease a woman’s concerns. There’s no romantic concerns to worry about, for example. And men will often be happy to know that the escorts have shared interests and concerns. It’s not even uncommon for it all to start off with a nice meal or the like where everyone can talk a bit.

The lack of stress is something that most people don’t think about at first. But it usually ends up as one of the best parts of the experience. Normal dating is a mix of excitement and fear that one encounters alone. But an escort encounter for couples is pure excitement that’s shared with the most important person in one’s life.

The bonding experience is another facet which is making it so popular. When couples come back from Vegas closer than ever friends will often be curious. And the answer to how it happened will usually leave them planning a trip as well.

5 Things That Attract Us to Listen to Music

5 Things That Attract Us to Listen to Music
Music has been long-used for artistic purposes but has even more ancient historical ties with its use for sacred worship purposes. Perhaps this is due to the strong emotional energy music can produce. Over time, music became more popular for secular use and entertainment. Music connects people on a global level. We may not all agree on certain issues, but when a song comes on about heartache, loss, joy, or feelings all people feel, just about anyone can relate. Listed below are five things that attract most people to listen to music.

1. Music is a form of inspiration
So often what’s good for the soul is a good playlist to get the day going for whatever the moment calls for. Whether it be just getting up and around, helping a person work, going for a jog or working out, painting a picture, setting the tone for a party, or even that soundtrack that helps a person fall asleep peacefully. Music inspires us to relax, to get up and go, to feel better, and even to cry at times.
Music inspires musicians to write better music and to enhance styles. Without former artists, current artists would not be advanced. Music inspires many to become better people through the experiences shared by musicians through the lyrics in the music and the lives they have led. While sometimes their lives ended tragically, their tragic ending can serve as an example of what can happen if you don’t stay focused on music.

2. For Emotional Connection and Healing
Musicians connect with listeners in a very special way. It is a bond that can only be felt between the listener and the song. The music connects to the heart and soul, provides healing, and music can be a friend in times of great need. Great thought is often put into the song played at the funeral service of a loved one because songs make a bold statement that is often not the same stated without music. Music can help us heal from the loss of loved ones, from abuse, addictions, and many other afflictions that are not very easy to talk about.

Musicians that share struggles or happiness with great emotion are able to do so because they have experienced what is being sung and because of this, they can connect with who they are singing to. This is a unique relationship to have with someone you’ve never met. For even when the musicians are long passed, they live eternally through their music.

3. For Reflection
Songs represent milestones in our lives and bring back certain memories. As we get older, it’s very common to listen to music and reminisce about these moments in our lives. These songs can provoke feelings and take us back to the best times and sometimes sad times. Either way, they take us back and this can be a unique feeling that is comforting. It reminds us of where we’ve been.

4. For Entertainment
Music is a great form of entertainment. For centuries, music has been a form of entertainment. People are attracted to a wide variety of music for entertainment. This can include live concerts, live music played at clubs or restaurants, Broadway musicals, operas, symphonies, and just for the sake of listening to music for any purpose, even if that purpose is for a distraction.

5. To Provoke Certain Feelings
Sometimes music can be used to get people out of depression. Happy songs have a way of lifting people out of the blues. Songs also have a way of providing a sense of camaraderie during tough times like relationship break-ups, work conflicts, troubles at home, and many issues found in life. There are songs for just about every problem and there are also songs for all types of happy times. People might also want to break down and have a good cry. Perhaps stress is just building up. Putting on songs that are healing for them can help to bring about a good cry and relieve the tension. Other music can be energizing or sensual, providing a great stage for working out or for a date night. Whatever the moment calls for, there is music for it!

While times change and even music styles change, the music itself will never disappear as long as we have voices to sing it, imagination to write, experience to share, and instruments to go play along (and instruments are not necessarily required). Music is a type of universal language that provokes something we all share, emotion and connects something we all have, a soul.


Music That Changed the 2000s

Music That Changed the 2000s

The first thing that you have to remember is that not all music is created equal. Some songs are just better than others, and you have to consider what changed the 2000s and what was just there. There are some songs and styles that you have to look into, and you will find out that the industry has grown more than you thought.

The very first thing that changed the 2000s was Smooth. That song that featured Santana and Rob Thomas might actually be the biggest hit of anyone’s lifetime if they remember when it came pout. It was on the radio all the time, and it made collaborations cool. There are a million people who are doing nothing but collaborations now, and it all started with that album that Santana did that actually was nothing but collaborations because he does not sing. He made it cool for artists to work together, and he made it easy for them to be heard.

The next one was the Dixie Chicks because they made it possible for pop artists to be country stars. They were deinfitely both, and they were able to make it very cool to like country music in a way that no one has done since Taylor Swift. They actually made Taylor Swift possible because tyhey were the first to be like that and crossover in the way that they did.

Rap has changed the whole 2000s because it is now a game where anyone can break in with their own voice because all the voices are so different. You are going to find literally every kind of music in the rap game because some of them do not sing at all, but others really are singer. Cupid even went so far as to say that he was not even a rapper at all, but he kind of was. That is also interesting because these artistsa are all so different that they all really need their own categories. That also makes it interesting to distinguish between rap and R&B because a lot of people are really doing both at the same time.

Selling music online became the thing that changed the game, and now we can all get these things online without even thinking about it. That is why it is such a big deal, and you can think of a band like Metallica when you consider this because they demanded that they actually get paid for their music. They really brought about the rise of something like Pandora or Spotify because these are companies that are actually going to pay for the use of their music. That is why they came to be because bands wanted to be sure that they could get paid.

The next kind of music is the dance music that we now have everywhere. There are more EDM artists that you could ever imagine, and they are everywhere because of the fact that they have a place to share their music. The same is true of people who make mood music because most of it is instrumental. These same people often make some kind of folk and indie music that you used to only hear from Lisa Loeb. Now, all the people are doing it, and it is very popular.

American Idol and the Voice made everything different because they brought more people to the marketplace faster. There are a lot of bands who have albums now because there is so much room for all of them, and they can get found online.

YouTube has done the same thing because they have made it possible for people to get the exact music they were looking for when they were trying to find it. This means that people can have an interactive experience with music,a don they can even make their own tributes to this music. All the people who are trying to make sure that they can love music and enjoy it are going to see the changes that have been made by music like this. You will get things like Justin Timberlake breaking out because there is room for him,and then the people that are famous for helping in one genre will come over and give him the cred that he needs.

There are a lot of things that change music in the 2000s, and they are all right here for you to see. You might not have known that it would be like this, but it is more obvious than you could ever have known.